Best Places in London to Conduct a Conference
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Rounding out the best places to conduct a business conference or meeting in London is difficult. Part of that is due to there being so many great conference rooms rentals available in London. The British capital has become the epicenter for conferences. London is presently home to some of the best meeting rooms and conference rooms in the world. To hone in on the top places to rent a conference room in the British capital, various criteria was examined.

Utilizing the experience of senior conference consultants helped make the selecting process easier. Also, the pricing of conference room rentals and their ratings was used as well. In addition, testimonials from previous top companies and individuals regarding the conference rooms was analyzed. Below are some of the best meeting rooms and conference rooms in London available for rental and private use.

Glasgow Conference Centre, Scotland –


Along with a four star hotel, the Glasgow Conference Centre is also a great place to conduct a meeting. The beautiful center is located at the heart of the largest city in Scotland. Glasgow has exhibition spaces and numerous conference halls to choose from. Known and referred to as ‘The Armadillo’ by the locals, the top rated conference centre is aesthetically pleasing. It has helped make it one of the best conference rooms in all of London.

15 Hatfields –


The highly rated 15 Hatfields is a great conference center all around. Not only does it have tremendous resources for you to use, it is also top rated. For clients who want to make sure their meetings go off without a hitch, the site is an excellent choice. Expert technicians at readily available to help you take care of all your setting up. The bestpoke AV system found on 15 Hatfields also makes it one of the best conference rooms in London.

Association Coffee –


One can often find many people searching for the Association Coffee conference room prices. In part, that is due to how popular and widely used the site is. Located in greater London, it is an ideal place to hold a business meeting or big conference. You also have more than sufficient space available for rental depending on your needs. It is one of the highest rated by users when it comes to the best meeting rooms in London sites to use. The atmosphere, value, service and food are just part of the reason. In addition, there is how convenient, elegant and popular the conference hall is.

Lords Cricket Ground, London –


Companies or private users looking for the best traditional conference rooms in London will appreciate Lords. The aesthetically pleasing conference room hall oozes class and elegance. It is home to London’s most popular and prominent sport venues. Lords Cricket Ground has several different junction and event locations for you to choose from. There is the roof terrace, long room and the media center available for conference room rental. Irrespective of the size of your business meetings, Lords can help facilitate it for you.

Tower Bridge Glass Floor –


At top of the list of the best conference rooms in London to rent is the Tower Bridge Glass Floor. The high-level walkway, tower bride glass floor and beautiful settings make it an impressive site to use. No matter what your conference or meeting is about, there is a setting for you here. The elegant Victorian Engine Rooms, North Tower Lounge and other spaces are available for conference room rentals. You can make an everlasting impression on potential clients or anyone you invite to a conference room meeting here.

The Arch Hotel –


Companies or individuals looking for a conference room in London which offers the latest in state-of-the-art technology select The Arch Hotel. In addition to being impressively elegant, you also have all you need to make your next event run smoothly. The staff is professional, courteous, friendly and very efficient. They will also aid you in planning your event to make sure it runs seamlessly. There are conference room rentals available by the hour or per day, depending on your needs. The Arch Hotel’s conference rooms is luxurious with its combination of traditional Georgian features and modern contemporary unique style.

Hippodrome London –


Businesses which need large conference room rentals in London find it in the Hippodrome London. The beautiful and elegant hall is the place to hold your next private party, conference or meeting. The Hippodrome London has a conference theater able to accommodate 180 people. At the same time, there are lounges, dining rooms and meeting rooms at your disposal. Still, the site can also be used for small conference room events. They have the capacity of renting for those who need to entertain 12 people all the way to 1,000 plus. This conference room is perfect for clients who desire venues used for management training and sales events.

Franco’s –


Anyone who needs an upscale and opulent conference room place to hold a meeting should consider Franco’s. The Italian restaurant is considered an ideal spot for conferences and business meetings. The service, food and atmosphere are excellent. In addition for being a great conference room site, there are several other elements which make Franco’s an excellent choice. The fine Italian restaurant is conveniently surrounded by hotels, boutiques, private clubs and other essential spots. With all those factors combined, Franco’s is one of the best conference rooms for rental in all of London.


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