Why Buying a Smart Fridge May Not Be the Best Idea
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The idea of a “smart fridge” can seem pretty cool. It can show a calendar and the weather, play music, put together a shopping list, and more. It has a tablet glued to the front, featuring an app that tracks your groceries and orders more manually.

No Updates

There are, however, a series of issues with smart fridges, making them…a stupid idea. These issues are mostly due to the fact that customers stop getting updates. As a result, security is compromised and software falls apart. Manufacturers can be pretty bad at securing smart devices. If your fridge stops receiving security updates, it may become infected with malware. If your web browser app is outdated and you visit a malicious website, it could infect your fridge. Then, a hacker could gain access to your email and use that to infiltrate your other accounts. Your fridge could also become part of a network used to hack and infect others.

What is more, there is no guarantee the fridge will be getting updates, even in the near future. A lot of “smart” devices have this problem. After a year, the manufacturer stops updating the fridge’s apps, and it can’t connect to all the online services it needs.

Too Expensive

On top of all this, smart fridges cost several thousand dollars – one example is Samsung’s Family Hub that comes with a whopping $6000 price tag. For this money, you could get a professional-grade fridge. A professional-quality fridge can be found for between $1000 and $2000 and will function much longer than a smart fridge.

If money isn’t an issue and you’re just looking for top quality, you can get a high-end, commercial-grade fridge for a few thousand dollars, and we’d definitely recommend doing that.


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